What is Counselling

Counselling is defined as a way of relating and responding to another person to enable, that person to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, to reach a clearer self-understanding; and then is helped to find and use their strengths so that they cope more effectively with their lives by making appropriate decisions, or by taking relevant action.

In my Private Practice in Cranbrook, my aim is to work with my clients in a safe and confidential space to discuss their problems and feelings.  Counselling is a purposeful relationship in which one person helps another to help themselves. A counsellor will not sit with you and tell you what to do, I shall encourage you to talk about your feelings and concerns to uncover any root cause and begin to identify your specific ways of thinking. When working with couples as a relationship specialist I adopt a neutral non-judgmental position to hear each side. I will work with both of you to develop skills to actively listen and speak with each other about your presenting difficulties.

Good clear communication is essential in all relationships. It can feel significant to finally feel that someone is listening to you and begins to understand your perspective. The skill to be able to reflectively look at your role in your relationship and consider if changes need to be made can be challenging. However, with the support of an experienced Relationship Counsellor this can be hugely beneficial for you and your relationship.

Sometimes the counselling process requires you to discuss upsetting and painful memories. Some sessions may feel more helpful than others.  However please be aware the overall aim is to help you move towards a healthier relationship that meets your needs. A strong relationship between the counsellor and the client is essential in this process.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange an initial appointment to see if I can be that person to help you.

Ethics & Confidentiality 

I am a fully accredited Graduate member of BACP; the governing body for counsellors. Using an ethical framework and attending regular Individual & Group Supervision I maintain my professional status. I also protect my clients written data according to current legislation. I maintain confidentiality with every client I counsel. I have an up to date Basic Disclosure Check and continue my professional development by attending regular Continuous Professional Development days.


Counselling can be beneficial for all people. However, I specialise in providing counselling for the following types of people: